Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Blog the Second

So today I've organised the entirety of my mother and step-father's loft. It was an exceedingly hot task, the majority of which I spent itchy and sweaty, but I did it, and now there's triple the space there was before. I also managed to unearth my three-quarters, which have subsequently been washed in preparation for holiday, which is now only 17 days away.

For those of you who don't know - Katie and I are off to Kefalonia for two weeks on the 15th of July. I've been there twice before, but it's Katie's first time on a 'proper' holiday - that is the first time she's flown anywhere, ever. We have a hire car for one week, and intend to make full use of it to explore the island. We're booked in on a boat trip with a marine biologist that I saw both previous times, he takes you out snorkelling around various bays along the coast of Kef, and I look forward to sharing the experience with the gorgeous one!

It turns out the Games Workshop announcement was the new Warhammer 40k edition, so hopefully I'll be able too pick up the new rulebook sometime soon! This spells good news for me, as I've managed to hammer together a well-rounded army list that I can start on come September! I won't go into details now, but suffice to say I've now got my work cut out for me deciding what colours and heraldry to give them! More on that as I decide (and eventually pictures when I start building/collecting/gaming).

Speaking of Games Workshop, the Black Library department are closing their submissions window on Saturday, so I'll be having a few more look-overs of my piece before letting it loose to Mr. Goulding in the editorial department at GW HQ. I pity the man who has to read through a few thousand pieces of written prose solo...especially given some of the stories of terrible grammar/ideas I've heard! Here's hoping I make it through this year...would love the opportunity to write a short for them!

Disappointed in England's performance the other day, but that's par for the course with us. Rooney had to open his mouth about the tournament didn't he!

Ah well, these things (always) happen (to England teams!). Anyway, that'll be all for now. Till next time.

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