Friday, 22 June 2012

University Resolutions

So last night, Katie and I stayed up until midnight to witness the release of our university results. I'm ecstatic to say she passed with flying colours, gaining a 2.1 overall (an upper second class degree). I received the following marks just prior to Katie's computer connecting through to her results -

2011/12 FZ1071 Intro. to Forensic Science 1 70

FZ1081 Forensic Biology I 1 61

FZ1082 Identification of Biomolecules 0.5 69

FZ1083 Introd for Forensic Chemistry 1 61

FZ1084 Forensic Chemistry 1 0.5 60

FZ1085 Skills for the Laboratory 0.5 68

FZ1086 Forensic Investigation 0.5 86

FZ1089 Forensic Practice 1 62

So overall I also got a 2.1, or 67.1, for my first year. I'm told this is a great mark, and one to be proud of (many have already stated how proud they are of me), and I am - it's a great result and I worked hard for it. But not hard enough, in my own opinion. Just three points on average higher and it would have been a first, and thus I intend to make some changes come September (listed below).

As some of you will know, my step dad got a job in Blackpool starting this July, so in August Mum, Jack, Katie and I will be moving up there (Meaning I will be getting the train into Preston for my lessons).

Exercise & Fitness - I will be hoping to take my bike on the train each day and cycle from the station to college and, if I find a reasonably-priced place to join, attend the gym regularly. Alongside properly following a slimming world eating regime (I started one mid-first year and it went well until I slipped off the wagon), I should be able to raise my fitness levels and lose the couple of stone I've gained these last few years. I'm hoping to find a cheap gym that incorporates a swimming pool in the costs, so I can regularly hit the waters and do a soft work out in lap form.

News - I'd like to get in touch with the world more, so I'll be following some news-related feeds on twitter and picking up a broadsheet paper every day or two. Hopefully I'll be able to subscribe to New Scientist and Australia & New Zealand magazine to keep up with scientific news and keep abreast of developments down under! I also aim to frequent news websites to further this venture.

Coursework & Library - Obviously this is one of the biggies; I intend to spend at least an hour or two at the library on each day I go to college (the UCLan library - more resources to access there), to enable me to keep abreast of my workload. I've had it on good authority from Katie that the second year is the hardest, so I intend to try and complete at least a first draft of each piece of homework/coursework a week before it's due. This will enable me to take each piece to the relevant tutor and get it checked over in advance, to give me time to alter/improve them before they are due.

Army Tin - I've recently decided to get back into the hobby side of the Warhammer 40k scene, rather than just the Black Library reading/writing side that I have been for the past year or two (incidentally, the Black Library Open Submissions Window ends next weekend, and I'll be sending in my one and only submission next week!). As part of this, for every piece of work I complete a draft for at least a week prior to its due date, I can put in £2-5 into a pot. I'll save £10 or so a month to add into the tin also, and through this slowly grow my army.

Games Workshop & White Dwarf - To help with the above, and keep up to date with the hobby news, I'll consider subscribing to White Dwarf magazine. I also intend to visit my local Games Workshop once or twice a week, and hopefully get a battle in once a week as part of this (even if it's just a small 500-point skirmish). This will help me broaden my knowledge of the rules (rumoured to be released tomorrow) and develop my army.

Blog/Diary - Hopefully this'll be a new start of regular blogs, a way for anyone who cares to keep informed of my comings and goings, and a useful way for me to keep track of what I'm up to where and when!


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