Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Graduation, Exploration, Anticipation

Well, what a busy weekend that was! The blogging slipped slightly this past week, but that's par for the course when you've had as much to do as me! First off, let me congratulate my other half, Katie, on graduating with a 2.1 this Friday just past. It was a wonderful occasion, very exciting and a great atmosphere, and it was a good opportunity for me to see what's to come this next two years!

Katie and I left Coventry Thursday morning on the train and spent a rather humid day with her parents around Preston, before the big event on Friday. A lot of sitting around and waiting time, and we finally saw Katie get up on stage to receive her scroll. She was very good; she didn't trip, didn't do anything wrong, even when Clare whooped out at her name in the rollcall! We then spent a little time eating dinner with Clare before hitching the train over to Blackpool to meet Mum, Ian and Jack.

They were staying at the Hilton hotel (ooh lah lah!), whilst we were in a humble family-run bed and breakfast just around the corner from one of the prospective houses we were looking at the next day. It was a really sweet place, with a cute and functional room (with a decent tower-view), and a to-die-for full English breakfast each morning!

Saturday started with one such breakfast, and before long we were picked up by Mum and Ian to begin our day of house-touring. I won't go into each and every house we visited, suffice to say as you would expect, there were a lot of nice houses, each with one or two issue that realistically discounted it from our consideration. There was one that has become the favourite; a six bedroom house in Bispham. It has huge rooms on every floor, and the second floor (third storey) is a perfect mini-apartment for Katie and I.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day, we spent an hour or so in some amusements dropping pennies and two pennies into the machines, before having a seaside-standard of fish and chips followed by ice cream. Jack and I both had a double-cone with bubblegum and cool mint ice creams (the bubblegum was an awesome flavour), whilst Katie had a double scoop ice cream in a waffle cone. She had a rum and raisin and mint chocolate combo, the mint of which was the best I'd ever tasted. Following a short paddle in the sea we dropped Ian back at the Hilton and piled in the car to head back to Coventry.

Alright then, it's now Wednesday and everything for holiday is sorted. We have all our clothes organised, documents and money are all in order and transportation to the airport is sorted. All that's left is to wait for the time to pass, which I'm terrible at. At the moment I'm extremely impatient to at least get to the airport, though the holiday will start unofficially Saturday morning about 11, when we leave for Coventry train station. We have two changes en route to Manchester Airport, where we'll eat an early dinner before heading out of the Terminal to check in to the Travelodge. Finally we'll (attempt to) sleep until 2am Sunday morning!

For now, I've got some more time to kill, so I'll plug another blog before I leave Saturday, probably Friday evening. Until then.

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