Monday, 2 July 2012


Well, that was stupid, wasn't it! I refer to, of course, my complete and utter fail on Saturday. Saturday was, as I'm sure you'll all know, the last day of the month of June. 30th of June. Anything important spring to mind? Oh, yeah, just the closing date for Black Library Submissions. And I completely blanked it. Forgot the whole thing. Had my 1000 word submission ready and waiting, went out on Saturday, came back home, had a bath, chilled out, midnight ticked by and I was none the wiser. Yesterday I woke up, lay there staring at my ceiling thinking about the day to come and what I could do, and lo! THEN it comes to me. C'est La Vie. It'll have to wait until next year then won't it!

As a way of compensating for this, I've applied for a job today. It's working for age concern at one of their charity stores in Blackpool. Ok not the greatest of jobs, but its weekends only (at first anyway) and would earn me a cool £300 a month. Which, If I got the job, I would not be disappointed in! What with the likelihood that Preston College will give us only three days of the week to be in for lessons again (like last year), I could realistically expand to Mondays and Fridays, and possibly an afternoon or morning depending if any of those three days are half days or not. Even without any half days, expanding to four days a week would give me a net income of £650 (-ish). Alright tax starts ripping a fair bit into that and obviously there are other expenses to consider, but overall I'd quite enjoy that!

I've just looked up from my laptop as another realization has hit me - and this time its a good one - it's 12 days (and 5 1/2 hours) until holiday! Sure I'll be bouncing off the walls when we check into the Manchester Airport Travelodge the night before, but still, if you want to be technical then that's the countdown. This has given me yet another blossom of thought to ponder- the passage of time! It seems like yesterday Katie and I were in the Cooperative Travel shop in Preston booking this, now it's fully paid and we're almost there! The same applies for my first year of university - where the spock did that go!?

Onto hobbies; book-wise I've FINALLY managed to claw my way through The Red Duke (by C. L. Werner). Don't get me wrong, it was a fantastic book, and a brilliant read - every time I picked it up It was hard to put down, but for some reason, every time I went to pick it up I just found something else to do. Maybe my reading mojo has evaporated, but I'm hoping not. Being back in Peterborough for a few days, I've not got any of my to-read list with me, so I've started once again on the Eisenhorn trilogy by Dan Abnett - a sure-fire awesome read.

Hobbies Part Deux- I said before that I had managed to string together an army list that I was plenty happy with, well know I've got doubly good news on that front! First off, from looking at my models here in Peterborough I have discovered that I have about fifty percent of my army already (albeit a different colour, but that can be rectified). Secondly, I've come up with a name, colour scheme, heraldry and back story for them! I'll need to do some test-painting on some unimportant models beforehand, but I'm pretty sure the colour scheme works awesomely. And, luckily for me, I've picked heraldry that Games Workshop (and Forge World) both produce icons for, so there's less work for me in attempting to sculpt them from green stuff! Huzzah!

Hobbies Part Trois - Katie has taken an avid interest in the models and collecting, so much so that I've gifted her with a mini-army of her own. She's been looking for a hobby to keep herself occupied with, and I guess my constant babbling has brain-washed her! Naturally she's going for a Chaos army (need I say more?), and we've devised an ad-hoc army for her to start collecting. As additional reading I've given her The Founding Gaunts Ghosts book to read as a starting point for breaking into 40k - I plan on re-reading it again soon anyway, so will be able to answer any questions she has and facilitate the entrance into the world of crazy geekdom!

Well, a fairly lengthy post today, so I'll stop harassing you and let you get on with whatever you want. Later!

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