Saturday, 14 July 2012


Well, we're ready to go! We were up at 6 and boy has this morning crawled by but, finally, we're about to head out to get the bus. This'll be my last post for two weeks (ish), but I'll be keeping a holiday journal, so my returning post should be extra-lengthy with (hopefully) pictures included. It should include some blerb from Katie as a guest poster, hopefully giving her take on a few parts of the holiday story.

FYI Our flight is from Manchester, leaving at a leisurely 6:15am. We expect to arrive in Kefalonia at 11:45 local time, and be at our apartment in Aghia Efimia by 1pm. Then it's into town for a little shopping and exploration, before donning the swimmers and having a dip in the cooling afternoon. The weather forecast is between 32 and 35 degrees C each day, with 0% chance of rain and no clouds either. Bliss.

Righteo, it's off to the station now. Sayonara!!

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