Monday, 24 September 2012


Today has been a day of bountiful joy...except for weather-wise, but hey-ho you can't have everything (unless you win the lottery, and here's hoping for this Friday's 80-odd Million Euro for me eh!). Katie had her first day working for the government (Service Personnel and Veterans Agency) and was reportedly sitting around do hardly anything all day (the joys of training!). Similarly, I was surprised by a morning phone call from the Card Factory in Blackpool town centre, inviting me down for an interview in the afternoon. Hungry for money, of course I accepted.

After a brief chat and a questionnaire Tracy, the sales assistant, asked me if there were any questions I had. Quick and cheeky wit as always, I answered "When can I start?". Well, she sure showed me. Originally scheduling me for training on Monday next week, she then realised that there weren't going to be enough staff to cover for a trainee on that day. So, thinking 'What the hell', I asked if there was any way to start the training today, as I had some time to kill! Lo and behold, two hours later and I've pretty much completed the health and safety training, and am due for a training shift on Friday. Quickest job turnaround ever!

That pretty much covers the latter part of the title; and the first may be pretty obvious. What with the new iPhone 5 out last week, the iPhone 4 deals have dropped significantly. Therefore, as Katie and I are both in employment (and even if not I have regular income through university for the next two years), we both treated ourselves to an iPhone 4S each. I've gone with the white version, Katie's is black (helps to differentiate). It's so snazzy, it's very difficult to put down and stop playing with.

Siri is a bit temperamental - Katie's phone doesn't seem to like performing it, and mine doesn't always do what it's told straight away, but hot-damn is it a good piece of equipment! 16GB storage space (going to be sorting out my music folders this week I tell you now!), 8mp camera (with new panorama function which is uber-coolio), a much better set of buttons on the surrounding rims and such a faster response time than the 3GS, it's budsmod (that's awesome to you common folk). Not to mention being on 3 instead of Orange, the 3G is like greased lightning!

Katie and I both went into the Samaritans this evening - we were attending a selection interview each that we missed previously due to Katie's illness (well someone had to look after her!). It was a very interesting experience, relating personal life events to strangers, but somewhat refreshing at the same time. Anyhow we both apparently did very well, and according to the ladies interviewing us we make a great couple (we both were interviewed separately)!

The, dare I mention the word, Christmas preparation is already in full swing - we've both knuckled down this year to start early and begin buying presents around now (only 92 sleeps to go!). This cuts down on panic time later in the year and eases up finances (as we won't be stuck in December with a big bill for presents as hopefully they'll have already all been bought!). I actually find myself hoping we stay here in Admiral Point past Christmas (despite being told I'll have to work either Boxing Day or New Years Day - though I suppose it'll get me out of the house for a little while and away from excitable children [Jack, Katie]), as it's a large apartment and I think it would be perfectly suited for the celebrations.

My Space Wolf characters are shaping up really well on paper - I've got some ideas that I am very happy with and can't wait to get stuck into making them. Another piece of awesomeness came our way Saturday; Dad text me letting me know there were two letters in Bretton for me from the tax office. Dreading it, I instructed him to open them. The first one was apologising for a mistake last year, and the second was a £420-odd cheque correcting the imbalance. Kerching and thankyou Tax Office...occasionally the government DOES do something right...who'd have thought! Writing-wise my good friend Abhinav was kind enough to look over the intro piece to my vastly-different-style WIP (work in progress) and gave it his stamp of approval - hopefully more coming your way soon Ab ;)

That'll be all for now, I'll do a specialist post later in the week covering something or another. I'm sure I'll think of something...after all, I have a list of blog ideas that I keep adding to for those rainy-day blog days. Till next time.

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