Saturday, 20 October 2012


At long last, the initial elements for my army have arrived! I can finally begin the long slog towards gaming and reintegrating myself into the world of the Games Workshop hobby. Here they are;

That's one Rune Priest to lead them and two Wolf Packs to make up the mainstay of my force (obviously several other troop choices will follow - not to mention other types). I'll be spray-painting them in a white undercoat (funny that, given the skull white spray can in the picture), and taking a couple in for a painting lesson into my local GW store. I've never painted on a white base before, and there isn't an official guide to painting Space Wolves from GW, so I figured getting a guiding hand in selecting what paints in what order would serve me best in starting out. I AM going for the generic Space Wolf colouring (how could you want them any other way!?)

In other news, NaNoWriMo is only 11 days away!! Luckily, my characters are fully personalised, complete with smells, mannerisms, habits, looks and clothing styles. I feel confident in knowing them, even if I don't entirely know where my story will go. So far I've planned the first few scenes of my novel and, as per the NaNoWriMo books I've read, I'm not planning any further than that. I'm really looking forward to the focus and challenge that NaNoWriMo will bring, and hope that I have what it takes to crash headlong through any walls that try and block my way en route to The End!

Work is super-tiring, as per usual now - I'd forgotten how dull and slow-going manual labour was! That said, it's a job and its money, so I'll grit my teeth and trudge through it. We're gearing up for christmas now, and my main job is re-filling the christmas card boxes. Exciting eh. I'll finish the blog post up here and get back to it tomorrow or Monday; hopefully with some newly-glued models to show off!

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