Friday, 5 October 2012

Slimming World - Goals

I've been thinking the last few days as to what I can post about next, and also ways of jazzing up the ol' blogger. To this end, I now have a list of post ideas (from which you should see the results of in the coming weeks), and have decided to add in more pictures to liven up the page (and break up the more word-heavy posts).

N'awww Look At It!!!

Wow, would you look at that, Jazzy! Anyway, onto the main topic of today's blog - Slimming World! Some of you who know me may not think I need to slim down, but I'm more concerned with fitness and stamina than physical image. In the last few years I've slowed down from what I used to be say, before I worked at the Coop warehouse, and I'd like to reattain that level. I don't really have a set goal fitness-wise, suffice to say I want to be able to do some hard physical exercise (like running for example) without getting tired out so fast. So, slimming world.

Ooooh, so flashy! Slimming World works on a principle of eat what you like, just eat it in moderation. It's not like these other diets where you have to weigh out everything you want to eat, and it certainly doesn't dictate what you should or shouldn't eat. Instead, food is assigned a catagory. These are free, superfree, healthy extras and syns. Generally speaking, you can have as much free and superfree food as you want (though obviously it's unhealthy to eat piles and piles of anything). You should have a healthy A & B once per day ('cause it's healthy!) and then you have fifteen syns to spend on ''naughty'' things (wine, beer, chocolate, crisps etc).

So far on Slimming World (I've been eating slimming world stuff unofficially for about a year now) I've eaten such things as below;

Yesterday (Thursday) was my second proper meeting with the local group, and  I lost half a pound. I know, I know, it doesn't seem all that much, and it isn't. Truth be told, I expected to lose alot more, considering I stayed away from anything overly-naughty, AND stayed within syns, but I'm sticking with it. Katie lost four and a half pounds in that one week period, so you see, it does work. Hey ho, I say, and I've dived headlong back into it today. I've eaten alot of fruit, barely any syns, and biked to work and back (not to mention carrying heavy boxes around the stock room and running up and down the flat stairs after work), so here's hoping for next week.

So; Goals! For a reasonable BMI, I aim to be about 11 stone. I will, however, get to 11.5 and see how things are going from there. This should get me back to being a comfortable medium in T-shirts (which to be fair in some brands I am at the moment), and down a waist size or two! As a further means to the fitness goal, I intend to attempt a physically-challenging charity event next summer (more details to come in a related and following blog post - maybe next week), so becoming slimmer would help mean less baggage to cart around!

Well now, that seem's a nice place to leave it, so I shall leave you with this little number.

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