Friday, 2 November 2012

NaNo No Blog!

So, it's been over a week since I last posted - slacker that I am! To be fair to me or, at least, to give some reasons as to why I haven't blogged sooner, I have been busy. I last posted on Thursday week; Friday I worked, Saturday I worked. Sunday, I was in town all day at training for a volunteer post I'm taking on. Monday I was working, and I spent the evening out on the front of Blackpool town with my fellow Lancashire NaNoWriMo-ers. It was lovely to meet them, and a great boost for the challenge to come - it really helps to know my fellows (at least a few of them) from the website and be able to connect with others that are in the same boat this month.

Tuesday was my only real no-commitment day, which I spent cleaning the entire flat from top to bottom; doing loads of washing, did a huge load of washing up, tidied up all three bedrooms, changed bed clothes in the two other rooms (i.e. not my room) and took all the rubbish and recycling down (quite a big feat when you consider we're on the second floor and the bins are all around the back of the large building)! Then I waited for two of my best friends to arrive from Peterborough before we had dinner.

Wednesday was a dreary day weather-wise, but we stuck two fingers up at that and went into Blackpool town anyway (though we hid in the crazy golf course whilst the worst of the downpour took place), playing on amusements and ambling around showing them the area (sea, buildings, tower...that's it really to be honest!). James and I had a go on this cool laser maze where you have to get through it without breaking the beams entrapment-style (I broke two, James three), which was really fun!

We then had the evening drinking and watching Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted (and laughing at both to be honest) in celebration of Halloween. Oh, and I should mention we were dressed up. James was the Joker, which was an amusing set-up to do I tell you! Sara was a bloody red riding hood, which didn't serve her well when we went for a walk along the lights (she got a bit cold bless her). And I dressed up as a zombie doctor. The looks on some of the driver's faces that passed us - it was worth the money for the costume and make-up just for those!

See - we were awesome!

Thursday was a day spent in limbo really, not really doing anything bar going to slimming world in the evening. Both Katie and I reached our half stone loss mark, and gained certificates and stickers to prove. Aside from that the only thing I really did was my first day of NaNoWriMo! I managed a solid 2706 words; a full 706 over my personal target of 2k, and way over the NaNo guided target of 1667.; needless to say I was really pleased. Today I have managed just over another solid two thousand words, and really got into the groove of writing it.

Keep on trucking!

In other news I have recently read the latest Black Library Limited Edition Horus Heresy novella, by the esteemed Chris Wraight, and loved every moment of it. I intend to write a full review soon, but suffice to say I can't wait for his first full Horus Heresy novel, and sincerely hope it is based on the White Scars (as this was). I'll try to keep the blog updated better than the past week, but obviously for the moment NaNoWriMo takes priority.

This weekend marks the first ever Black Library Weekender, an awesome event where over twenty authors and artists congregate at the Belfry hotel in Nottingham. I'm sad to miss the show, but I sincerely wish everyone of my friends who is attending a great time, and I can't wait to attend one myself (hopefully next year). I also specifically want to wish Ben Cawkwell a speedy recovery - he recently came off his bike and broke his leg (now he's Bionic Ben thanks to the surgery), and also hope Nik Vincent-Abnett get's over her fever/weakness soon! In the spirit of these well wishes, I leave you with this.

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