Friday, 31 August 2012


So, being all moved up to Blackpool and with some extra time on my hands until university starts up once more (8 days now - yes I'm counting), I've taken back to reading, and gotten quite back into the flow of things. In the past three days I've polished off the final three of Nathan Long's brilliant continuance of the Gotrek and Felix series, and I've loved them! I'm ashamed to say it took me so long to get around to them - they were a Christmas present from Katie - but I'd forgotten just how good they were!

Now that they're finished however, I have five omnibus' left on my shelves in the 'to read' pile. The Grey Knights, by Ben Counter, Thunder and Steel, by Dan Abnett, The Lost Gaunts Ghosts, by the very same, Brunner, by C. L. Werner, and Dwarfs, by various. Whilst the Lost isn't necessarily a new to-read item, I did re-read the previous two arcs last month, and want to continue through at least to the end of the third arc before giving up completely.

Anyway, having had so much enjoyment from Ben Counter's Soul Drinkers omnibus (I'll wait for the omnibus to get through the third-sixth volumes), and as I'm aiming to read The Emperor's Gift by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (another Grey Knights novel), I've decided to give the Grey Knight's pole position. Dwarfs will likely come next as, despite thoroughly enjoying the Red Duke by C. L. Werner, which I believe may be the only novel I've read of his (and I intend to read the Grey Seer Thanquol omnibus and Dead Winter when they are both respectfully released), I have a taste for the smaller folk from Gotrek & Felix.

I aim to delve through these five tomes within the next week, as not only do I go to university soon, but I'll also be getting my loan through, meaning more books will be attainable for me, and I'll be attending Games Day, meaning that up to December's Black Library releases will be available on pre-release (which is always a plus!). From this selection I intend to gather Fear To Tread, the latest Horus Heresy by James Swallow, Path of the Outcast, the last of the Eldar Path trilogy by Gav Thorpe, Shadows of Treachery, a Horus Heresy compilation, Pariah, the first of the third trilogy of Inquisition novels by Dan Abnett (HIGHLY anticipated), and Garro: Sword of Truth, another Horus Heresy also by James Swallow. I may add The Great Betrayal to that list, by Nick Kyme, depending how my reading of Dwarfs goes; as he is the main contributing author there.

Amongst titles already out by Black Library, I would like to get The Emperor's Gift, as previously mention, by ADB, Wrath of Iron by Chris Wraight, Angel of Fire by William King (though that may wait until a paperback volume), The second Blood Angels omnibus by James Swallow, and the Thorn and Talon CD, which as it didn't arrive at Games Day last year, I didn't have the opportunity to buy.

Yesterday, I visited the local library with my family, and it has spurred me to branch out from Black Library, more so than I already do. Having seen some of the awesome covers via Jon Sullivan's facebook page, I intend to try some of Neil Nasher's Sci-fi work, alongside Laurel K Hamilton's Anita Blake novels. Whilst I read most of the series last year before I shipped out to university, I got to around four novels from the end of the series (currend end, I may point out), and didn't have the funds to continue. So, now it remains to be seen whether I try to start the whole series over, or start from a few novels back from where I tapered out.

I also have an urge to return to some of my reading roots; namely crime novels. James Patterson's Women's Murder Club played a heavy part in my reading life a few years back, as did His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman, and Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Quadrilogy. So I intend to revisit these gems sometime in the new year, maybe before if possible. I would also like to try and track down Graham Mcneill's Ambassador's Chronicles - the first two books I ever read of Black Library. The Lord of the Rings, Dan Brown's Angels & Daemons trilogy and the other two of his make, and the Harry Potter books all call out for re-readings. I'm also interested in trying out Piers Anthony's Bio of a Space Tyrant, which just form the title sounds interesting.

Both the Hunger Games second and third books, and George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones series call out for continuation (in fact I've only read the first of the seven Game of Thrones books...despite owning the first three!). Not to mention a host of Forensic Science book's I've earmarked on the UCLan library website to supplement my studies (and in some cases form the study themselves!). As such I've decided to construct a reading list, much in the style of my friend Abhinav (, and hopefully he'll forgive me for the thievery! Come the week I begin university, I'll start it up (as hopefully by then I'll have finished these five omnibus' and can start afresh), and update it with more books to read as they come into my mind/sight!

I think I've taken up enough of your time right now, so see you next time!

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