Thursday, 23 August 2012


So I haven't blogged for a while, for over two weeks in fact, but this is entirely not my fault. For once. The Wednesday, Thursday, Friday following my last blog day was spent busily doing things with Grandma at hers, and the Saturday was my birthday (the 11th!). I was 23, and gained the new Warhammer 40k rulebook and templates, a DS Lite, Pokemon Soul Silver, a giant Queen memorabilia and history book, some nice monies and clothes and a trip to watch the Women's Basketball Semi-Final at the O2 arena, oops I mean the "North Greenwich Arena". The atmosphere was amazing, and made me wish whole-heartedly that I'd gotten tickets for more events, despite the cost! Anyway, soon following this we were back in Coventry (the very next day, in fact), where the internet was no longer running. Therefore explaining the lack of posts recently.

So, now we're moved up into an apartment in Blackpool for the time being, whilst we search for a house - its a beautiful place, seafront and huge! It's not long before I'll be heading off to my induction day for uni (10th September), and Katie will be starting work! She's got a six-month contract at the same place my step-dad works, which will be nice for some money-saving! For now, however, we are concentrating on exercising lots, and eating healthily (slimming world to the max at the moment), whilst making the most of our downtime before we get thrown headlong into working once more.

For now, I will be finishing off the Holiday diary (only one more part left to write up *sadface*), working on army lists for my hobby, and reading! Currently on Elfslayer by Nathan Long, a Gotrek and Felix novel, and am thoroughly enjoying it!

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