Monday, 30 July 2012


Well, we made it back home from Kefalonia intact yesterday afternoon (after a little delay). The full account will hopefully be posted up in an extra-long entry within the next week or two, but suffice to say, Katie had an awesome first proper holiday abroad, and I was extremely pleased with myself for voting to return to the island. The food was gorgeous, the weather delightful and the Greek's were lovely (unless they were driving).

I finished a bunch of books over the course of the past two weeks, the mainstay of the set being the first two omnibuses of Gaunts Ghosts, and I'm just about to start the third novel in the Soul Drinkers omnibus. Despite the mass of misprints in the first novel, I'm coming to enjoy this twisted view - to be fair alot of the best stories are told as such - and I've spawned a few ideas from their reading. I have a recommendation to make also, Talking To Zeus, which was a book I picked up from the apartment shelf. It's a very nice read, with alot of quirks and laugh-out-loud moments. Anyone who has been to Greece or knows the country will appreciate the majority of the material contained therein, but it is by no means restricted to these groups of people.

Tomorrow we head down to Burnham-On-Crouch in Essex, to stay with my Grandma for almost two weeks. On the 11th, my birthday, Katie and I are heading into London to watch the women's basketball semi-final in the "North Greenwhich Arena", the Dome. Before that, however, Katie is scooting off to Nottingham to see her sisters, and then onwards up to Blackpool for an interview with the M.O.D. for a data admin/dogs body job. We all obviously hope she get's it, firstly for the whole reason, lets face it, that money facilitates everything these days, and secondly because, lets face it again, the current job climate is awful!

In Burnham, we intend to play some Badminton, the Grandma-standard Scrabble (a long-standing tradition wherever she travels!), walk the doggies (of course), swim, possibly gym, and hopefully head to London Zoo, to take Katie to her first ever zoo (not to mention the fact that I LOVE zoo's...big kid alert). Not long after that and we shift a selection of our belongings from Coventry up to Blackpool, into the suave apartment that the M.O.D. are renting out for us while we househunt/go to uni/go to school etc etc. Apparently it's very nice, fully furnished and spacious with sea views; you can expect photos to appear on here.

Now that holiday is over I'm quite impatient to dive headlong back into university work, so much so I'm taking some Forensic textbooks to Burnham with me for some light (ha!) background reading. Hopefully this'll aid me in preparing for my second year, and make it as intuitive as the first was to pass! For now I'll content myself with cheering our team on in that massive event that be happening in the capitol there. Go Team GB!!

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